- Prepaid SIM-card Simyo DATA AND VOICE

- Price includes: 10GB+UNLIMITED CALLS

- Unlimited Minutes for all Spain national calls

- Connections included

- Works on any territory of Spain

- Coverage: 4G ORANGE

- Pay As You Go

- Renewal price: 16/30day


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TypeMobile Phone Sim Cards
Payment OptionPay As You Go

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Super Fast 10GB 4G Internet for Spain and UNLIMITED MIN / Calls


Simyo is a mobile operator with which you will get paid just enough. Using mobile as usual, but rare clauses, without penalty and tangling and, above all, no surprises on your phone bill.

You can try it, stay as long as you want and as there is no permanence, you can also change you when you want to.

Data 4G Internet is now days the most progressive and the fastest communication technology. 4G Internet will give you an opportunity to realize an instant search in global network and is able to keep the speed up to 50 Mb/s. 

- Talk to INLIMITED MIN / month to any Spanish operator

- 10GB Data Super Fast 4G internet in all Europe

Simyo Prepaid Sim-Cards

DELIVERY all world


Price includes: Sim-card, 10GB activationand 30 days of 4g-Internet’s use, Talk to Unlimited to any operator in Spain

Renewal price for the Internet services costs: 16/Euro!

We activate the SIM card in your desired dates !!!



Talk UNLIMITED to any operator in Spain

UNLIMITED calls: you can call as many times as you want, the minutes you want, up to 150 different destinations each month. Surpassed destinations, calls to other destinations are charged at the price of the Base Rate.

Minutes for ALL national calls (Connections included), excluding calls to short numbers, 901, 902

Connections: 0€

SMS: 10,89€

International SMS: 18,15 cen/


Sim valid 6 months from last recharge!!!

Sim card is sent pre-activated. Final activation on the day you want. To preactivate in comments to the order, write the number of your travel document (passport, nie..), date of birth, name and surname. Required activation day.



This summer you can travel through Europe with peace of mind, because the calls, sms and data you consume in the EU will be priced as if you were in Spain. From 15/06/2017 you will be able to pay the fair also in the EU, since all simyo national bonds and rates will serve to speak and navigate in the European Union. This improvement will automatically apply to all customers, both prepaid and contract (you will not have to do anything to activate it), provided you make reasonable use of roaming, as explained below. As they will no longer need, the old Roaming Europe bonds will no longer be operational.

You can use the roaming in the following countries:
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique Islands, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Reunion, Romania, San Marino, Saint-Martin and Sweden.


Without permanence

We give the best service, you stay because you want to. 90% of our customers come recommended, in simyo not need to make prisoners or sell the bike. We do not want to tie you to any offer nor force you to anything. You are free, our phones are free and can leave when you want to. It's that simple, we give you the best service and you stay because you want to.

With one click

Control your spending, switch rate ... all with a single click and from your personal area.

Because there is no trap or cardboard. Both you eat, so you pay for. In Simyo you can check your consumption to control your spending or change your rate whenever you want from your personal area and with a single click.


4G Internet in all Erope and Spain provinces over Ceuta and Melilla.

We use the Orange network, so do not worry, you can talk with Simyo and navigate where you want to. In simyo use Orange coverage, with whom you can talk and surf almost 99% of the national territory. If you want to check just ask any friend who has Simyo / Orange in your area or take a look at our coverage map.

4G Speed for Spain and Europe

Download Speed: from 5 ms/s up to 50 mb/s.

Upload Speed: 26 mb/s.

Maximal speed in 4G network in Spain goes up to 80 mb/s. The average speed for users can be slightly lower and can depend on the certain circumstances:

• Equipment characteristics;
• Landscape peculiarities and metrological conditions.

And now you can also use our mobile App for android and iphone




We offer you the fully wireless Internet connection and give you an access to the world of 4G Internet on any territory of Spain.

Works on any territory of Spain

 Super Fast and instant 4G Internet Simyo.

 Being always connected to the Internet in Spain is the best solution!

 Delivery to any territory.

 4G SIM-CARD It works on all 4g-3g Devices

 4G-3G Internet provider guarantees you the secrecy of your personal data and has a high level of protection from any illegal access.

 Best 4G internet services in Spain