WIFI 4G ROUTER + 4G Sim cards 2GB/5GB/10GB/120GB


  • Best 4G internet services in Spain
  • Unlocked Wifi 4G Router 
  • Select Sim-cards 4G Plans: 2GB/5GB/10GB/120GB
  • The price includes a one-month Internet
  • Speed: to 70Mbit/s
  • Works anywhere in Spain
  • Pay As You Go


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Unlocked Router WIFI  + 4G INTERNET 2GB/5GB/10GB/120GB

4G is the fourth generation of mobile broadband, and the successor to 3G, capable of delivering speeds comparable to those you get with some home broadband packages.

WiFi Hotspot router  + 4G Sim-cards

  • Only the WIFI Routers: 140
  • 2GB for 4G INTERNET + Wifi Router: 158
  • 5GB for 4G INTERNET + Wifi Router: 170
  • 10GB for 4G INTERNET + Wifi Router: 180
  • 120GB for 4G INTERNET + Wifi Router: 240
Upon the expiry of 30 daysthe renewal price for the Internet services costs:
2GB  - Renew price: 15€/month
5GB - Renew price: 17€/month
10GB - Renew price: 30€/month
120GB - Renew price: 75€/month
You can renew the Internet services making a payment through bank accounts / PayPal



Download Speed: up to 70 mb/s.

Upload Speed: 30 mb/s.

Maximal speed in 4G network in Spain goes up to 70 mb/s.

The average speed for users can be slightly lower and can depend on the certain circumstances:

• Equipment characteristics;
• Landscape peculiarities and metrological conditions.


4G Internet in all Spain provinces over Ceuta and Melilla.

The leading Spanish operator provides the users with the regular and stable signal coverage across the whole territory of Spain, what makes possible to connect to the Internet from private homes, apartments, flats or from the office on any territory of Spain.

Unlocked Router

Huawei is a new home wireless router for 4G LTE Network, with a special design. Made in China and designed by Huawei, E5180 LTE router is capable of 2G, 3G and 4G LTE wireless technologies.

Lights up your world beautifully

The elegant and intuitive design of the LTE cube lets you power on with just one touch to light up your world with a cool blue aura.

No speed bumps

Thanks to the latest, most advanced technology like LTE Cat4, you can look forward to an incredibly fast wireless experience with download rates of up to 150 Mbps.

Long-distance relationships

The LTE cube's Wi-Fi signal strength is incredibly strong and covers a distance of up to 250 meters around it so you have a fast, stable online experience everywhere you are


Works anywhere in Spain
Use a high-speed 4G-3G-Internet can be in any amount and 120Gb/30day traffic
 The ideal solution is always to be with the Internet in Spain
Free shipping to anywhere in Spain within
4G-3G Internet guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data and has a high level of protection against any unauthorized access


For more information, please contact by e-mail: spain4g@gmail.com